Its That….NaNoWriMo Time of the Year!

I’m taking part in Nanowrimo, the international Writefest that exists just to get lazy, undisciplined writers like me to be productive. And feel part of the wider community of hardworking, disciplined writers like you (whoever’s reading this post!). There are great forums on the NaNoWriMo site, and special offers, and useful tips, and very useful writing tools.

Here’s urls to some helpful  tools for writers, that came via NaNo:

Erik Benson created a writing tool that lets you  set a gaol -say 50,000 words in a month like for Nano, add how many words you’ve written each day, which tells you how many days it will take you to reach your goal, charts morale, will calculate how many words you’re writing per hour etc etc. Its set up as an Excel spreadsheet. I dont know how to use Excel, but even I can use this.Latest version is 2011-you’l have to find it via Google, Ive got the 2007 one- but you can change the dates etc:

Another great spreadsheet wordcount producer is here:
beautifully illustrated steampunk, pirate, fanatsy etc versions

Other writing tools, look here on Stephanie A Cain’s site:

And here, on Tracy Lucas’ site:

Let’s get cracking!

PS: I’m adding a NaNoWriMo Widget!

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