Book Review I did on ‘GoodReads on ‘Twist Me’ by Anna Zaires

I read books. Lots. I’m trying to write books. But…I get distracted. because I’m…reading books. Circular, huh?

Anyhoo. I’m writing, scifi/fantasy. I’m reading…all sorts. And at times I cant resist going over to Goodreads. Looking at readers’ assessment of books. And sometimes, I cant resist doing a review. I’m seeing a worrying trend in romantic/erotic books written for a predominantly female readership. So, here’s one I just did on there.

‘   Alrighty then….
Ladies, we all know we have fantasies. Thats why we read books, right? I mean, we all have days where we daydream that we’d like a little caveman action. A gorgeous, super-dominant guy who just…instantly falls for us and captures us and takes us to his lair, and shags us silly um, discusses world peace. Because.

Hence, books like these.In that regard, this book delivers in spades.
But. Heres the thing.

Ever since Fifty (Shades of G) there’s been a lot of bandwaggon jumping. Writers going ‘Want me some of that 70 million booksales, movie rights action.’ So we get a ton of these post-Fifty books.
Dominant, stalkerish heroes, who are ‘damaged’ and into bdsm. But like with that book, the authors haven’t researched bdsm, and don’t realize that to work, it has to be a) consensual b) genuinely pleasurable for the submissive.

Also, stalking is not the new foreplay.
Also, damaged guys need therapy.

And each author-to get attention/sales- has to push the boundaries further.
So you end up with a book like this: Virginal heroine? Check. Superhandsome (anti)Hero? Check. Stalkerish behaviour? Check. You-are-the-only-one-for-me-I-must-take-you-away-from-everyone-you-know-and-love? Check
And to push it further, we have to get kidnapping, hostage taking, forced/coerced sex, beatings, mind manipulation…you get the picture.

Being ravished on a gorgeous tropical island, having fabulous clothes+food, and the overwhelming attention of Mr ‘I’ve-Got-Too-Much-Goddamn-Testosterone’ is all very well.But it doesn’t really disguise the fact that the heroine, Nora is an abused teen, and the hero,Julian is her abuser.

The sex is well written- thats why I gave it 3 stars. Well written sex is way harder to do than people realize (I’m looking at YOU, Laurel K Hamilton).

The writer has talent. But the basic premise steps over the line by trying to turn a guy who has sociopathic tendencies into a romantic hero. I mean, there’s Heathcliff…and then there’s this m@*&ker.

Srsly. Is this a thing, now???? ‘


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