Climbing the Mountain

I’m..trying to get the trifecta of successful self-publishing established. Kindle self-publishing account. Check. Titter account.Check. Look-at-me-I’m-a Writer!Blog. I have the pieces, I have to get them all working together.As I’m not a techie, its all a mystery to me. I mean, how do you get people to ‘follow’ you, on Twitter? How do you get your short story/novel/non-fiction book converted to e-book format when you have little or no money? Ditto as regards getting a blindingly good cover, that screams to the passing  web surfer ‘buy me now!’How do you find writers to become your virtual friends?

Anyhoo, here is a great couple of articles by the wonderful Holly Lisle, long time author who spends much time and effort encouraging new and aspiring authors. FAQs about self-publishing: and How writers (even kids writing at home) create money and jobs


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